16/04/2020 – I’ve been spending the last year and a half learning my way around Logic and production stuff. Moved to Bristol, hopefully buying our first house (quarantine-depending) and knocked the gigs on the head while we get it all sorted.

So I’ve been making use of the lockdown to finish off some bits and I’ve got quite a lot of music banked up to put out in some form or other. Probably a quick EP of some stuff that didn’t quite fit the album but worked well together; then the album itself. I’ll probably put it all out fairly quickly with the idea being I can have a clean slate once we’re all moved on and I can begin the next phase of ‘jjar life. So that’s me.

Stay safe, my loves. 🖤

“Absolutely loved this track the moment I heard it” – BBC Berkshire Introducing

“Eclectic flavoured indie-folk fusion with a large dollop of clever innovation” – Fresh on the Net

Focussed songwriting and rich, epic production – Tom Robinson, BBC Introducing Mixtape (6 Music)
Ambitious, melodramatic sounds” – Faded Glamour

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